Old Goals

by People Need Goals

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A collection of demos from 2009-2016. A mixture of vocal and instrumental, electronic and rock, reasonably produced and overproduced. Please enjoy.

There will be a full-length follow-up to the Apollo EP coming later this year featuring Entente, Cascade and Ascension.


released August 7, 2018


all rights reserved



People Need Goals Leicester, UK

peopleneedgoals is an electronic music project. Music years in the making.

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Track Name: Brave New World
We're setting sail today
Follow the winds and the waves
We're not going by the map

We'll be raising our own flag
Flying high up on the mast
Not taking anyone else's tracks

And a brave new world
Awaits for us

We're ready with supplies
And the stars are in our sights
And it's almost time to go

The people will call us bold
Not searching for spices or gold
To just know all there is to know
Track Name: 4x4
Excuse me miss, I'm sorry to trouble you
Can I get a glass of bourbon rocks
See I've got something that I need you to do
And I know it might come as quite a shock

Take this note and come sit next to me
It's gonna be a bumpy ride
I'm, gonna need a little help you see
I've never done anything like this in my life

But here I am
And don't think I don't understand

'Cause I've got four
On top
Of four
Down by my side
So miss I think you'd better read that note
On top
Of four
And fate on my side
This is just the way this has to go

I need some things, I'm sure you'll do your best
You seem like such a helpful girl
I'm a gentleman but please don't put me to the test
I'm just trying to find my way in this world
Two hundred thousand in Seattle if you could
And a way back down below
I'll let these people go, I'm honest and I'm good
But sometimes you just don't know how things go

Thank you for all your help
And now it's time to leave
Wish me luck, and to you good health
It's time to go down
In history
Track Name: Run Away
Start over again
Count it back from ten
And maybe you could see her heart

Nitroglycerin smile
Light up for miles and miles
Sometimes it's better to be apart

She'll take you in
Win you over with skin
Love you and leave you in a day

You're better off dead
If she gets in your head
Take my advice and get away

Run run away run run run away
Don't let her take you home tonight
You'll never make it

You've seen him around
Won't look up from the ground
It may as well be her calling card

She broke his heart in two
Just like she'll do to you
If she gets you off your guard
Track Name: Love Songs On Cassettes
Track Name: Iguana
Track Name: Fire In The Sky
Track Name: Smokehouse
Track Name: Steptoe
Track Name: Gunfinger
You're at the end of your rope
And you keep saying you can't cope
Any more
But I am here and I will listen to your sorrowful words

But you don't want the concern
And you say that you'll never learn
Your lesson
You let chances fly from your hands like birds

And you'll shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot them down
From your head to the ground
And you know it's never coming
But in case you keep on running around
And you'll shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot them down
Shoot them down and wither
You'll shoot them down with your

You made a pathway in tears
Your heart's been following for years
And then
You found a prison and you climbed inside and threw away the key

Quite some time passed by
And you were wondering why
You'd done it
Then you found your target and it looked like me

And you'll shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot me down
From your head to the ground
And you know it's never coming
But in case you keep on running around
And you'll shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot me down
Shoot me down and wither
You'll shoot me down with your

Take me away for a
Year and a day and see
How brightly your light shines
Should it burn bright piercing
Blackest night
Then surely
The pleasure is all mine

You're at the end of your rope
And you keep saying you can't cope
Any more
But I'm not here so I can't listen to your sorrowful words
Track Name: I Wish
Give me a reason
That I feel the way I do
About you

Tell me you're feeling
The same thing I've tried to hide
It's in your eyes

And I wish just once
That everything would go your way
That I knew the right words to say
And I wish that I could help you
Say goodbye to what you've been through
That I'd know how to make you stay

I would protect you
Keep away all of your fears
And dry your tears

And since the day I met you
I knew there was no other one
I'd fallen and there was nothing that could be done

Take all of the poems that you wrote
The day that you met me
Wrap them in a silver ribbon bow
And throw them to the sea
Track Name: Third First Dance
Dozen cameras drink it in
And there's only silence now
Action take three time to begin
You take your steps before the crowd
The music swells, you move along
You stare into each others' eyes
I know you always loved this song
I guess I shouldn't be surprised

But you've danced like this before
Two times around this temporary dance floor

I've let you go
And don't you know
I'm happy for you now
I hope it lasts
Much longer than our past
These third time lucky vows

There was a time I'd cry your name
I'd never let you leave
But I wasn't right for you
And it turns out, nor was he
I forgave you long ago
I just felt sorry instead
But now I wish you the best
As you take him to your wedding bed
Track Name: The Slip
Track Name: Leave The Kids
Burning bridges
Well that's not your style
But just lately
You've gone the extra mile
Take your chances
They're slipping by and by
Like old romances
In faded black and white
Meet your maker
Ask the question
About your provenance
And your direction
Look around you
And see the roots you've made
As you wonder
If it's too late to break these chains

Leave the kids, leave kids at home
You don't need them you can make it on your own and
You'll have time to take it in your stride
You'll have time to walk along the riverside

Keep us guessing
Throw a curve or two
Never let on
Just what you're gonna do
That's the secret
Or so you seem to feel
Which makes it harder
For me to know which you is real
Was never your way
But subtle changes
Seem to hold more sway
So let us hold on
To what we had before
Before you turn round
And walk right out of that front door
Track Name: Tonight We Fly
It's time to feel
So brand new
It's time to find out
What we can do

We take and take and take and take
And no-one ever thinks of putting back
And in the end you'll find again
That you were never under attack

Tonight we fly
High above the fire
We'll wonder why
No-one else tries to go higher
Living in the ire
Of a storm so loveable
Do they think their hearts are full

So come with me
And let it go
You can't make anybody
Know what you know

So leave behind all that you find
To be holding you down
Don't you know that you can
Deep into the sound

So hold on tight
Open your eyes tonight
Keep looking down on them
You'll never frown again
Track Name: To The Wall
Summertime Blues is playing on the radio
And you're thinking
About letting go

Chalk another one up to experience
And you wonder if you'll ever really feel like this again
Like this again

Pin your score to the wall and start again
Nothing ever changes and no-one ever wins
Let her go, let her go boy, and don't forget
To be happy that you met
Be happy that you met

Don't forget you're still young and you've made mistakes
I know it feels like
You'll never get a break

But there's a million other ways to care and
Seven billion other people out there
So don't give in
Just try again

Don't hold on
If it's all wrong
That's the way
To never say
I'm sorry
Track Name: Make Believe
I'll drown out
Your expectations with my own
After all
They're the only ones I've ever known
It doesn't matter
What you think or have to say
I'll brush it all aside and go on my own way

I'm selfish, you're stupid
You wanna run, let's do it
Let's leave all of this behind

Let's do it it
Let's leave tonight
Let's act like
We'd never fight
Let's make believe
In perfect you and me
A childish vision of what we both want the world to be
Let's pretend
We'd get it right

You dropped out
And never stopped falling
You never saw
Destiny calling
You left it all
Up to fate and chance
Now all you do
Is drink and scream and fight and dance
Track Name: Trojan Horses
You show up like Helen of Troy
(Too late, and dizzy again)
Your plan is to destroy
(What happened to being friends)
You promised me you wouldn't change
(That's not the only thing you broke)
But things just aren't the same
(Are you still there behind the smoke)

Whatcha gonna do with your Trojan horses?
They come up empty every time
Did you forget that you were mine
Whatcha gonna do if we don't join forces?
We've got no cause to fight a war
And who knows what we're fighting for

You keep on offering the one I knew
(Years ago when we were close)
But darling empathy just isn't you
(And what you're telling me is just a joke)
I know our history
(Twice round and over and out)
So you fire your slings at me
(You don't know what love's about)
Track Name: The Look
You think you're pretty smart
Don't you babe?
You think you look the part
Well let me say
You've got a little talent
And that's great
But just remember

You ain't got the look
No you ain't got the look
And you don't seem to realise
You're in some trouble now
You ain't got the brains
To win this little game
You're trying to take me
But I'll drag you
But I'll drag you down

You're on the wrong side of the tracks
For your little tricks
Don't think you can play that way
And get away with it
I know that you think that you're
A sure fire hit
But just remember
Track Name: Big In The Nineties
Things seem to be hard lately
Seems like everyone's down
We've lost Lemmy and Bowie baby
We're all under a cloud
The record industry's chasing tails
It's hard to get the songs out
Easier to get heard but harder
To stand out from the crowd

I wish I'd been big in the nineties
VH1 and MTV
I think I could have sold some records
People would have heard of me
So let's go back

I could have been a famous rock star
I know that for a fact
I could have been main stage at Glasto
Maybe the headline act
You didn't need the greatest voice
Just a cool guitar
Maybe long hair and dungarees
Maybe that's too far

I wish I'd been big in the nineties
VH1 and MTV
I think I could have sold some records
People would have heard of me
So let's all go back to the nineties
Grab your guitar and come along
We can wear mismatching patterns
And we can all sing to this song
So let's go back
Track Name: The End
Give up give in come out swinging
Whatcha gonna do
Take it leave it change shape to fit
What's in front of you

You know it's gonna be hard
But you made it this far

And we both know this is the end
There's no use trying to pretend
You made it you made it
That's what they're gonna say
Now are you gonna use it or just throw it away
It's good to see you
Here at the end

He said she said it fills my head
I hear it every day
Live while you're young before you're done
Don't give it all away
Track Name: Find A Way

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